Friday, 20 January 2017

Table Top Terrain: Amera Craters

 In this video I unbox and prepare for use, a pack of Amera Plastic Mouldings Moonscape etc Craters, perfect for use in a gaming system such as Warhammer 40000.

In the unboxing / unpacking I had a good look at what we get & while the plastic is very flexible and easily trimmed, in the end it seems durable enough for wargaming purposes.

I painted them up roughly similar to the color scheme I have been using on the bases of my models so far. In future, I'll very likely add flock, grit and/or other debris to give them a bit more character- but I'll see about getting a bit of use out of them first.

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  1. Thanks for this great video, love what you have done with our craters! And to confirm we ship worldwide and happy to give personalised postage quotes. Thanks again